So, Hello Kitty has arrived to join in the celebration for Singapore’s 50th Birthday!

Two sets ordered – one for myself and the other is my younger sister’s.

SG50 Hello Kitty01

Beside 6 Value Meal vouchers worth a total of S$30 and 6 SG50 Hello Kitty plushies, the collector’s set also comes with one limited edition Singapore landscape booklet, 6 standees for the plushies, 6 Hello Kitty cards and a SG50 Flyer.

The 6 plushies – Samsui Woman, Trishaw Uncle, Durian Lover, Orchid Lover, SG Parade and MacDonald’s Crew

SG50 Hello Kitty02

It’s nice that MacDonald’s has included 6 paper standees this time for the plushies but I am not folding them up until I am ready with the space to display them.

SG50 Hello Kitty03

From MacDonald’s website

SG50 Hello Kitty04 (1)

Surely fans of Hello Kitty (especially Singaporean fans) will not want to miss this set that commemorates Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.  I was actually surprised when my younger sister expressed her desire to get a set too.  I never thought that she would be interested.  Perhaps this goes to say how little I know my younger sister!  In fact, she also bought the set offered by SingPost earlier this year but I decided to give that a miss.  When hubby read about this collector’s set that was going to hit Singapore, he actually told me that the plushies look cute.  Woohoo, looks like he has fallen in love with Hello Kitty too!  We have visited Puroland Japan (indoor theme park of Sanrio characters with Hello Kitty as the star character) twice, in two consecutive years.  Believe it or not, it was hubby’s idea to re-visit.  Of course, I was more than happy to say yes!

Back to the order.  I was ordering them from Ipoh while holidaying there, on the first day when the online sales started at 11am but met with some difficulties.  I thought MacDonald’s would have improved their online system after the hiccups last year.

Already sold out at the start of the sales?



So, it actually took me a while to finally be able to get through the transaction.   Phew…..

Time to go to MacDonald’s with my vouchers! 🙂


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