Today is the start of our 4-day Golden Jubilee Weekend in celebration of Singapore’s 50th Birthday.  In my last posting, I have mentioned that it is a rare treat to have one extra public holiday on 7 Aug this year.

50 years is not a very long journey, if we compared with many other countries in the world.  However, looking at the remarkable progress we have achieved in the last 50 years, this is surely a special occasion and an important milestone in the history and development of Singapore that we can be proud of, and joyfully celebrate as a nation.  On the other hand, as more and more information about the celebration was unveiled over the past months, I can’t help questioning the value(s) of such an extent of celebration and the huge funding by the governments in many of the activities.  I don’t want to sound unappreciative but has our government gone a little overboard in this?

The whole country is now buzzing with excitements with a whole lot of activities being lined up everywhere these four days, so many that I am finding it hard to keep track of them!

Of all the celebration activities and events, I was most heartened by the good news that many attractions island-wide are offering free entrance for Singaporeans and permanent residents this Golden Jubilee Weekend as a mark of celebrations.  I thought this is a great idea for many especially those who can’t normally afford the cost of the entrance tickets which could be rather expensive in some places.

I have no intention to join in the anticipated extreme crowds this weekend except for one place.  So, this morning, hubby and I started early and happily headed west to the Science Centre which is one of the attractions which offers free entry.  We had been there a number of times with children of my siblings and friends but wanted to go again on our own this time.  We thought it wouldn’t be so crowded there as compared to places like Sentosa Island, Museums or events like concerts and carnivals. BUT, we were so wrong!  When we arrived at about 10am (the opening time), it was already packed with people!!  It looks like we actually have many Science enthusiasts.



A counter that provides hand/face tattoo for children.  They also give out party hats and mini flags to jazz up the mood of celebration




Long queue even for the Omni Theatre!


Needless to say, I was very disappointed and we made a decision to go home instead.  It was a wasted trip all the way there but there was no point joining the long queue, and even if we did, it would be too crowded for us to enjoy the exhibitions in there.

  Throngs of people making their way to the Science Centre as we made our way out



While the idea of offering free entrances may be good, it can only work well if a small number of people take up the offers.  With such a high population and the high likelihood of many people rushing to such rare good offers, such plans often turn out to be unmanageable and would spoil the experience of many.

I am still harping on not making a decision to get out of the country during this time.  Although our ministers have urged Singaporeans to stay back for the occasion, I still think that it does not make me less patriotic by being out of Singapore this weekend.  Since it is too late to do anything now, I guess it is best to just stay in and enjoy the comfort of my home.


2 thoughts on “SG50 JUBILEE WEEKEND – A BAD START”

  1. I am equally disappointed . I went to Ikea tampines with my husband who is on crutches. So crowded The queue is so long for buying food. The Malay store is shorter but they are left with nothing to sell. We ended up with no lunch

    So I don’t see the logic of having a big population and so many foreigners. I am already in my early 60 Previously I enjoy shopping in town over the weekend Now I am worried I am not able to get home and not able to get into the train.

    I used to cycle and enjoy cycling on the park connector, but now fear of being bang by the crowd
    Parking the bicycle also a problem Have to carry my heavy bicycle to park on the second level of the parking lot as the first level is always full.

    Alternatively standing at the lot waiting for a young and helpful guy who is willing to give a helpful hand to park the bicycle

    I can easily pick up some food at the supermarket after work but now the shelves are empty if I go to the supermarket after work

    What a miserable life at this age

    I am very stress Every I go , fear of being pushed .

    Jenny Ho

  2. Hi Jenny,thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your sentiments. You are not alone here.

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