Happy National Day and SG50!

SG50 01

Hubby and I started our day amidst a drizzle, as we headed to Changi beach – another part of Singapore that we like – in the quietness of dawn.  The floor was still very wet from the rain in the middle of the night, but the air was cool and fresh.

Thanks to all our transport operators for the island-wide free-travel service today!

SG50 02

We strolled along the beach, listening to the sea waves and enjoying the cool morning breeze, as we watched the rising sun, passing ships/boats and the approaching air planes landing.  Such is our simple joy in life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


More than 20 (commercial and cargo) planes were making their way to land at Changi Airport, in the short one hour we were at the beach, many of which were Singapore Airlines planes.  Just as much fun watching these big planes,  instead of the Black Knights!



Some campers here and there, by the beach


Changi Jetty


Oh, we sighted an otter very briefly at Changi Jetty!  This was our second time catching sight of otters in Singapore.  The first was at Gardens by the Bay.  Too bad, it disappeared before I could take a shot of it.

What a beautiful morning on this special day!  But of course, we didn’t miss the broadcast on the proclamation of independence of Singapore at 9am.  We recorded it so that we could it watch after we got home. 🙂

And, we have a birthday cake too.  Hubby and I do not have this practice of eating birthday cake on our birthdays but we decided to get one for Singapore’s 50th birthday!  I also made two wishes for our people and the country.  🙂

SG50 03

Bless Our Singapore – a song specially composed and sung by Corrinne May, on behalf of the Catholic Church, for Singapore.

Enjoy your day!


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