After a very long night following through the GE (General Election) 2015 results on TV, I woke up late this morning.  It is yet another very hazy day and for many days now.  Looking out from the window of my study room where I spent most of my free time in,  there is no blue sky and it all looks so gloomy.  The usual sea view that I enjoy is also nowhere to be seen.

Singapore has been haunted by the problem of haze for many years.  So many that we have lost count of when the problem actually started.  Our life and health are affected, but this “yearly affair” has become a part-and-parcel of our lives that even our multi million-dollar ministers cannot solve.  With all the happenings for GE2015 since its Nomination Day on 1 Sep, obviously GE2015 has stolen the limelight and for once, the haze problem seemed to have become a non-issue.

Since Nomination Day, I had spent a lot of time following through many of the GE2015 campaign reports, including attending rallies and watching live-streams of the rallies.  This is so that I would make an informed decision when I cast my vote.    Voting is a right and also a duty of every eligible citizen.  There is also a responsibility to vote wisely.  Therefore I take it seriously and I trust the same for all voters.

The results of GE 2015 has shocked the opposition parties in which there was a national swing – a term used throughout the TV broadcast – towards the ruling PAP (People’s Action Party).  With a 69.9% of the overall votes won – an impressive improvement from 60.1% in GE2011 – it is clear that the citizens of Singapore have once again put their confidence and trust in PAP.  Surely, many are overjoyed and some are disappointed with the results.  This is a reality we have to accept in any contests.

Moving forward, I just hope that with the mandate given, we could look forward to a government that will deliver its promises, be more effective and efficient in tackling issues, truly put its people in the centre of their policy-making and like what the Prime Minister Lee has said during his press conference after the win, the MPs will work extra hard to serve the residents.  I have never seen my MP (Member of Parliament) in the past four and a half years, even though he has stressed so much about interacting with his residents, not taking his residents for granted.  How ironic!  Nevertheless, life goes on, and I just hope for a better tomorrow.


For now, I long for the beautiful, bright blue sky.


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