Oh dear, the PSI readings have gone up again since this afternoon, after the air quality began to improve on Friday afternoon.  It being the Mid Autumn Festival today, I am sure there are many events being held island-wide tonight in celebration of this occasion.  Hopefully the haze condition have not dampened the spirit of the celebration, and affected the smooth running of the events tonight.  I also hope that schools will never ever have to close again due to bad haze, just as what the MOE (Ministry of Education) had to do last Friday when the PSI reading hit a hazardous level of above 300 – the worse so far this year – on Thursday (24 Sep) night.

So last Thursday – a public holiday in Singapore (Hari Raya Haji) – was quite a depressing day for me due to the very bad haze condition.  I woke up to an acrid burning smell in the morning.  My nose was badly blocked, and it bled again.  I was also feeling breathless.  It was a terrible way to start the day!  For the whole day, my eyes were feeling uncomfortable too.   I wonder who can I claim my medical bill from!

Looking out the window that day, it all looked so greyish and somewhat eerie too.  Our garden city had become a city of haze!  It was as if doomsday was near!!

24 Sep evening – tall building beyond the landed property have all disappeared!

25 Sep mid-day – air quality began to improve significantly although it was still hazy.  What a big difference from the first two photos!



Why do we have to continue to suffer such a bad living condition every year, as a result of the inconsiderate doings of our neighbouring country Indonesia?  In the media briefing on 25 Sep, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources had said that the haze is a man-made problem that has gone on for too long.  He also said that it cannot be tolerated.  It has caused major impact on the health, society and economy of our region.  INDEED!  But where is the solution?

A number of our ministers have been in constant contact with Indonesians officials, expressing deep concerns, offering help and asking for information on companies suspected to have caused the fires.  But, are these all that can be done?  Why has our government not been able to take Indonesia to task, and come out with concrete actions and reactions to resolve this haze problem?

For a few nights now, I have to apply moisturiser into my nostrils, and put on a mask to sleep!  Air-con has to be turned on through out the nights too.  When will the bad haze days end, I mean for good?

Ah, enough of my grumbles about the haze.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!  May my dream of a haze-free Singapore come true!

Mid Autumn Festival


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