February has arrived, and in a few days’ time, we will be ushering in the Year of the Monkey.

Chinese New Year decorations outside Orchard Gateway which many passers-by (me included) couldn’t resist to stop for a snap.


January was a month well spent in accomplishing quite a number of things which I wanted to do, and it was most satisfying to have also completed and thoroughly enjoyed reading two interesting and, to some extent, eye-opening books written by two prominent persons in Singapore.  There is so much knowledge and information out there to acquire from books.  I always wished I could read a lot more!

  • It’s Easy to Cry is the second book by Subhas Anandan, a household-name criminal lawyer in Singapore who sadly, has passed away about a year ago.
  • A Hakka Woman’s Singapore by Dr Lee Wei Ling, a neurologist and also the daughter of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore.  The book is a collection of 75 distinct articles (out of the many) which Dr Lee has written for the Straits Times at different times.


In 2015, as my very own way of celebrating SG50 (Singapore’s 50th Birthday), I set out a “project” to read some books about Singapore and/or written by Singaporeans during the year.  I thought it would be a lot more meaningful to celebrate the occasion by knowing more about my country through reading than to go to the many commemorative events and celebrations lined up throughout the year.  So, I was very glad and satisfied with my picks.  These books are definitely worth reading.

  • 幹嘛羨慕新加坡(Why Envy Singapore?) was written by a Taiwanese who married a Singaporean wife, resided here for about 10 years but have returned to Taiwan.
  • 成長在李光耀時代 (Growing Up in Lee Kuan Yew’s Era) was written by Lee Hui Min, a Singaporean who is now a freelance journalist and writer.


  • Be At the Table or Be On The Menu by S Jayakumar, a former politician of Singapore.  I am going to read his other book “Diplomacy” soon.
  • My Lifelong Challenge by Lee Kuan Yew who has passed on on 23 March 2015.  Mr Lee has published many books and I have read a few of them.


  • Let The People Have Him is a book about the early years of Chiam See Tong (up to the time he won in a Single Member Constituency in the 1984 General Election).  He is a lawyer and also the longest-serving opposition Member of Parliament in Singapore (1984-2011).  I am hoping that there will be a sequel to learn about the political life of Chiam after 1984.
  • The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye was in the news after National Arts Council withdrew its S$8,000 funding citing “sensitive content” and its potential to “undermine the authority and legitimacy” of the government.  Despite that, this book was a hit.  The first 1,000 copies were snatched up at launch and I was glad to be able to pick up a copy on its second print.  I am never a fan of comics, not even in my young days, so this was the first comic I have ever completed reading.  t


I have decided that for 2016, I am going to continue with the same reading pattern, ie to continue with books related to Singapore.  Beside the two I have completed last month, I already have a few lined up on my book cabinets. 🙂


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