Will you queue to eat Michelin-starred hawker food?  And how long are you prepared to queue?

Well, I have decided to give it a try when I was in Chinatown recently, although I don’t normally like to queue too long for food.  It turned out to be a good 45-minute wait during non-peak hours (after 3pm), on a weekday.  Perhaps this is considered not too long the wait, given its popularity way before being awarded one Michelin star last year.

S$12 for half a soya sauce chicken and S$6 for a mixture of char siew and roast pork.  Very affordable prices for its “status”. 



Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle – one of the two hawker food stalls that was awarded one Michelin star in 2016.  The other was Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle.



The queue was divided into two parts : one in the air-con area inside the shop and the rest outside

I noticed that the queue was made up of mostly foreigners/tourists.  How not to be attracted to this cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world if you are touring Singapore?!  Moreover it is the first time in the Michelin history that an Asian street food has been given this prestigious award.

It took me about 25 minutes just to have my take-away order taken, and then another 20 minutes to wait for my order to be ready.  There were no separate queues for eat-in and take-away customers but overall the queue was moving smoothly and the wait was pleasant.  🙂

A very pleasant, senior-in-age male staff  who was in charge of clearing and getting ready the tables for the eat-in customers, doubled-up his roles in managing the queue too.  He was so nice to even offer me a stool to sit at one corner while I was waiting to collect my order.   Such a nice gesture of customer care has definitely won my heart!  I just hope that this uncle’s job is not too strenuous for his age.

I wonder how many chickens, and how many kilos of roast pork and Char Siew are sold each day?!


Basically there is a good numbering system for order-taking and collection of food/order.  There was even a self-service order station!  Cool!  Unfortunately, it was under utilised based on my observation.  Most people seemed to still prefer the manual ordering system over the cashier counter.  I also noted that the staffs were pleasant, friendly and efficient.



So, was it worth my 45-minute wait?  Yes, definitely!  While hubby and I think that the char siew was quite good, the roast pork was nice but nothing spectacular.  The star i.e. the soya sauce chicken, was definitely outstanding.  The meat was tender, sweet and has a nice herbal fragrance.  Oh, I also love the chilli which has a very shiok sourish taste that went very well with the chicken!

Together with my home-cooked Chinese spinach soup, we had a lovely dinner that day.  I would surely want to go back again someday and to eat there instead.



上个周末,与老公到莆田兴化菜馆吃晚饭。定了八点钟的位子, 到了那还得等上一会,但因为顾客太多了 。看来这家菜馆应该是有些名气吧!


我在想,在这经济不景的当儿, 还有那么多人上餐馆吃饭, 这应该是件好事吧!?

老公和我是第一次上兴化菜馆。要不是看了100.3FM的DJ 林安娜的介绍, 还不知道有这样的一间菜馆。

既然是兴化菜馆,又是第一次,我们就点了两道兴化菜 - 红槽鸡柳和兴化米粉。味道很不错的哦, 尤其是那道兴化米粉, 炒得很香、又QQ的, 口感很好。我仔细观察周围,发现到这一道兴化米粉好像特别受欢迎, 几乎每一桌都少不了它。

我很喜欢吃鱼( 但却是有选择性的,不是每一种鱼都吃)。我们也点了一道用金目鲈煮成的松鼠鱼。这一条鱼的卖相是很不错,但比起我们在苏州北京吃过的松鼠鱼,那就逊色多了。用金目鲈来做这一道菜似乎不是很适当,因为我觉得金目鲈有点“土味”,而且厨师煮得比较咸,害得我那晚得抱大水缸睡觉!!putienfood

其实, 吸引我们前去莆田兴化菜馆的原因并不是它的兴化菜, 而是它的大闸蟹! 因为现在是品尝大闸蟹的季节。

hairycrab来自中国太湖的大闸蟹, 加上一碗美味的鲍鱼清汤, 每人新币40元。 我想价格是很合理的。记得很多年前, 第一次和老公在某间饭店的中式餐厅吃大闸蟹, 哪儿的价格比莆田的贵,没有特别的“取肉”服务, 大闸蟹小,肉少,而且也没有莆田的好吃。不久前在马国游玩时, 好朋友请我们到吉隆坡Mandarin Oriental Hotel 的丽宝轩吃饭, 我们没有点大闸蟹, 但老公和我就发现到哪儿的价格不便宜哦, 每只马币158令吉。

虽然莆田的大闸蟹很不错, 但是老公和我的结论是我们还是比较喜欢汕园的冷蟹 (Cold Crab), 因为汕园的冷蟹肉多又非常的甜美, 吃了还想再吃!幸好我没有高胆固醇的问题!