‘Tis the season of the year.  It’s Christmas and year-end again.

Time seems to have slipped away so super fast this year.  9 months have passed since I last wrote on this blog.   Before I go on,  if you are following my blog, you may want to note that I have started an account of the same name as this blog on Instagram, since late March.  While I had been quiet on the blogsphere, I share on Instagram. 🙂

2016 surely is going to be a year to be remembered, both good and not so good sides.

Hubby and I moved twice this year – first to a temporary accommodation in a friend’s home for 6 months, in Marine Parade, and finally settled down nicely in our new home in the city fringe, after going through much cracking of our heads in the design and all the hassles in the renovations.  With more than 35% reduction in terms of floor area, home now is a small, cozy 4-room flat which is much easier to manage in terms of housekeeping and cleaning.  I also like the convenience now, in terms of location and transportation.  Never had I live this near to the city before! 🙂  However, there are still issues with high-rise littering from extremely inconsiderate and uncultured neighbours upstairs which seem so hard to resolve, even  after repeatedly reporting the issues to the authorities.  Sometimes I wonder what the priorities of the authorities are and if  they are actually keen in helping the residents!

Just as I thought I could be thankful that my mum who had been suffering from cancer had lived another year as year-end approaches, she passed on last month, kind of sudden, although we were mentally prepared that her days were numbered.  My mum has lived to a ripe old age, and despite being a cancer patient for over 2 years, she had been strong and positive,  and able to live an almost normal life, keeping up with her routines as much as possible.  My two late grandmas died of cancer too.  I find it so hard to forget how they had to be bedridden and suffering in pain in the final months of their lives.  So I am thankful to God that my mum did not have to go through this.  That’s my only consolation now.

This year-end I have been blessed with opportunities to attend a few special performances, with compliments of organisations like Embassy of Japan in Singapore, WAttention Singapore and Popular Bookstore.  That somehow cheered up my year-end.

The Graduate Singers


One Asia Joint Concert was one unique performance that brought together musicians from Japan and ASEAN (Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore)


Liang Wen Fu “我等到天开始亮了“ Music Showcase at BookFest 10th Anniversary


Last Saturday, I finally went down to the Christmas Wonderland at the Gardens by the Bay.  “Finally” because I was actually not sure whether or not to go to this Iluminarie display again this year since it is expected to be more or less the same as the previous years.  Moreover, there is now a charge of S$8 per person for the entrance fees.  My good old friend from Malaysia was visiting, and so I thought that’s one good place to take her to and be soaked up in the Christmas mood.  Indeed, the mood was great and we enjoyed ourselves.






So it does snow in Singapore!  And it’s quite a heavy one! 😀


Here’s wishing you a blessed Christmas!



We are on the last page of the calender for year 2014.  Time seems to slip away at such a blinding speed!  And, 2015 is already quietly making its way in!

I still have no plans for this Christmas yet.  I would like to have DS joining me on outings to enjoy the Christmas decorations, and be soaked in the mood of this festive season which is my favourite time of the year.  It is just too bad that DS has been so bogged down by his work this year, even at this year-end.  I just can’t wait for him to get over the current project!  So much said about work-life balance in Singapore but I have not heard of any employers that actually care about and practise this, from people I know!

I visited the Gardens by the Bay recently. This time for the Christmas floral display themed “Yuletide in the Flower Dome“.

Yuletide in the Flower Dome


I have already lost count on the number of times I have visited the Flower Dome.  It is one attraction in Singapore that I have visited most.  Unlike other attractions, the seasonable or thematic floral displays and the beautiful blooms from the permanent display, make it interesting to visit the Flower Dome over and over again, and without getting sick of it!  There aren’t many such attractions in Singapore.

This year’s Christmas floral display in the Flower Dome is definitely much better than last year’s.  The wooden Christmas trees found both outside and inside the Flower Dome, are an eye-catcher.  Although looking plain and simple, they stand out amongst the other typical Christmas trees.  They are a piece of art.

Centre decorations after the entrance of the Flower Dome



Lots of bears are used for this year’s decorations.  Surely this will be an attraction for the the little ones and also the bear-lovers!


Yuletide 19




Bear Santa




Bears, Christmas trees and poinsettias aside, the decoration is set in a little snowy, western town with building, cathedral, snowmen etc.  There is also a candy factory (but no candy sales!).  Very Christmasty feel!








The tall tower which is recycled from the Orchid Extravaganza event a few months ago, lights up every evening, from 6:30pm.

This shot was taken towards the end of my visit.  The sky was dark, the reindeer were all lighted up but not the lights on the tower


I was so hoping that the lights would come on earlier, given the dark sky but they didn’t.  That was a little disappointment.  So, I reckon I will have to make another trip to the Flower Dome one of these evenings in order to see the lighting.  I think I also should not miss the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay event which is an outdoor event that started on 29 November.  I have read that the Luminarie light sculptures in Christmas Wonderland were specially constructed and flown in from Europe, for the first time. I just hope for a good weather on the day I go!

Photo from Gardens by the Bay website


Flower Dome never fails to surprise me every time I visit.  This time it was this new installation.

La Famille de Voyageurs, Sculpture in Bronze (2014) by Bruno Catalano.  It is a gift from Singapore Changi Airport to Gardens by the Bay that embodies the strategic collaboration between the two organisations


Flower Dome02

It was pouring at the time I left Gardens by the Bay.  Thanks to the very thoughtful driver of the shuttle tram between the garden and Bayfront MRT station.  Instead of dropping us in the usual drop-off point which a walking-distance away from the station, he actually drove us all the way to the sheltered lift-landing area of the station and spared us from getting wet!  Thanks Mr Driver!  This is one very good example of a GEM (Go the Extra Mile) service which I would say unusual in Singapore!

19 days to Christmas!