‘Tis the season of the year.  It’s Christmas and year-end again.

Time seems to have slipped away so super fast this year.  9 months have passed since I last wrote on this blog.   Before I go on,  if you are following my blog, you may want to note that I have started an account of the same name as this blog on Instagram, since late March.  While I had been quiet on the blogsphere, I share on Instagram. 🙂

2016 surely is going to be a year to be remembered, both good and not so good sides.

Hubby and I moved twice this year – first to a temporary accommodation in a friend’s home for 6 months, in Marine Parade, and finally settled down nicely in our new home in the city fringe, after going through much cracking of our heads in the design and all the hassles in the renovations.  With more than 35% reduction in terms of floor area, home now is a small, cozy 4-room flat which is much easier to manage in terms of housekeeping and cleaning.  I also like the convenience now, in terms of location and transportation.  Never had I live this near to the city before! 🙂  However, there are still issues with high-rise littering from extremely inconsiderate and uncultured neighbours upstairs which seem so hard to resolve, even  after repeatedly reporting the issues to the authorities.  Sometimes I wonder what the priorities of the authorities are and if  they are actually keen in helping the residents!

Just as I thought I could be thankful that my mum who had been suffering from cancer had lived another year as year-end approaches, she passed on last month, kind of sudden, although we were mentally prepared that her days were numbered.  My mum has lived to a ripe old age, and despite being a cancer patient for over 2 years, she had been strong and positive,  and able to live an almost normal life, keeping up with her routines as much as possible.  My two late grandmas died of cancer too.  I find it so hard to forget how they had to be bedridden and suffering in pain in the final months of their lives.  So I am thankful to God that my mum did not have to go through this.  That’s my only consolation now.

This year-end I have been blessed with opportunities to attend a few special performances, with compliments of organisations like Embassy of Japan in Singapore, WAttention Singapore and Popular Bookstore.  That somehow cheered up my year-end.

The Graduate Singers


One Asia Joint Concert was one unique performance that brought together musicians from Japan and ASEAN (Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore)


Liang Wen Fu “我等到天开始亮了“ Music Showcase at BookFest 10th Anniversary


Last Saturday, I finally went down to the Christmas Wonderland at the Gardens by the Bay.  “Finally” because I was actually not sure whether or not to go to this Iluminarie display again this year since it is expected to be more or less the same as the previous years.  Moreover, there is now a charge of S$8 per person for the entrance fees.  My good old friend from Malaysia was visiting, and so I thought that’s one good place to take her to and be soaked up in the Christmas mood.  Indeed, the mood was great and we enjoyed ourselves.






So it does snow in Singapore!  And it’s quite a heavy one! 😀


Here’s wishing you a blessed Christmas!



这是我最近刚完成的十字绣。并不是很难绣的一幅, 但就是绣了又停, 停了再绣的, 前后拖了两、三年总算大功告成了。

第一次接触十字绣是在一个很偶然的场合。那年毕业后, 有好一段日子闲着。 在等待工作的当儿, 去了住在马来西亚怡保的舅舅的家小住了一阵子。一天, 独个儿出去逛逛时,意外的发现了一间缝纫用品的专卖店。 走进去一看, 就被当时店里摆放的一些十字绣完成品给深深的吸引了。 从那时到现在, 已有二十多年了。 我对十字绣还是那么的热爱。不过随着年龄越来越大, 眼力一天天的退化, 近年来的“产量” 已经大大的减少了。其实, 老公不是很赞成我做十字绣的, 因为他觉得太伤眼力, 也可能对于有关节问题的我造成一些伤害。我了解老公是疼惜我的,但是偶尔手痒了, 我还是会开始绣起来的。

这些年来完成的十字绣已经不知道有多少幅了。 除了家里挂着的13幅以外, 很多都送给了身边的亲戚、朋友和我感激的人。而且都是在比较特别的时候才送出去的, 比如乔迁大喜、结婚、生儿的喜庆, 又或是动完大手术后用来感谢照顾我的医生们的礼物。我想没有什么比亲手制作的礼物来得更有意义,因为每一针, 每一线都代表了我的爱、祝福、甚至感激。

以下是我的一些作品。 早期做的,因为那时还没有数码相机,所以都没给拍下来。

以下两幅是移居新加坡工作后给男朋友, 也就是我现在的老公绣的。 “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” (耶和华是我的牧者。 我必不至缺乏)取自于圣经里诗篇第23篇。诗篇第23篇是我最喜欢的诗篇。

这一幅”最后的晚餐“ (The Last Supper) 应该说是我的杰作吧。 很有高难度的一幅。花了七个月的时间来完成的。一直以来都挂在我的饭厅里。


这一幅也是花了好几个月来完成的。 2008年5月送给了多年来为我看病的一位专科医生。

这一幅是一位朋友乔迁之后,请我们到她家作客时送给她的小男孩的。 这幅是自己搭配两个图案而制成的。

这一幅也是在朋友乔迁时送给她和家人的。  这样的图案如今在市面上恐怕已经找不到了


这是我客厅里唯一的一幅。很多年前特别为新居而绣的。 当时我的妹妹也帮我绣了一部分。

这一幅名为”Beyond the Gate” 就挂在家里的入口处。

还记得我人生中的第一幅十字绣名为“他使我躺卧在青草地上“ (取自于圣经里诗篇第23篇)(He maketh me to lie down in green pastures from 23rd Psalm)。 我把他送给了我的大哥和大嫂。 后来, 大哥和大嫂的老大和老二出世后, 我也先后的给他们各送上一幅。 因为这样, 大哥的一位朋友好羡慕, 也很喜欢。虽然和大哥的这位朋友不相识, 但难得有人欣赏, 我为这位朋友绣了一幅仙人掌,祝愿他有更坚强、健康的日子。当时那位朋友因为患上了癌症, 需要接受化疗。幸好发现得早, 及时求医后已完全康复了。那是好多年前的事了。那时我的小妹在妈妈的拜托下, 也亲手给大哥的这位朋友绣了一幅 ”Give Thanks”。  那位朋友的惊喜与快乐, 可想而知。我们当然也是乐在其中的。

挂在我家饭厅的”Give Thanks”。 妹妹绣给大哥的朋友的是同样的一幅。

我常觉得人,不管是在什么时候,都是需要一些兴趣和嗜好的。 每一次看到辛苦了一辈子但又没有什么嗜好的年老的父亲, 又或是一些成天坐在组物楼下无所事事的老人,总是替他们感到很无奈。我希望哪天当我活到那把年龄的时候,不管是十字绣还是其他的兴趣, 我还是能像现在一样享受着我喜欢做的事。