I was hesitant to post this entry about the 20th World Orchids Show 2011 (themed “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet”) which was held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre last month.  However, in noting that there have been quite a bit of online search (therefore interest) about this event, even after the show is long over, I have decided to share here my photos about this event.

Singapore had the privilege and honour to host this event for the second time now.  The first was 48 years ago, in 1963.

Floral designs along the walkway leading up to the event halls

Lobby area of the event hall.  It made me feel like I was in a fairyland!

Having been to the past biennial Singapore Garden Festivals in which the Singapore Orchid Show was part of the event, I must admit that I was actually not very keen on the 20th World Orchids Show even by the time the event started.  However, I was keen to be one of those early ones to have a preview of the Flower Dome in the Gardens by the Bay which was opened during the 20th World Orchids Show, for public preview.

Thanks to my childhood friend and her mum who, after watching the news report about the 20th World Orchids Show on TV, had come to the event all the way from Malaysia.  Her mum loves flowers, enjoys gardening, and even plants green vegetables at home.  So, I went to the event with them.  There was certainly no regret about it, but I actually regretted not joining my friend from the morning, so that I could have more time at the orchids show before proceeding to the Gardens by the Bay.

It was very interesting to note that taking photos using iPad2 has become a trend!  In my short 2-3 hours at the show, I noted quite a number of people (men and women) using it at the show. But I don’t think this is something that I would want to use for photography even if I have one.  Am I being backward?  I also overheard some male orchid enthusiasts who talked so fondly about orchids, and exchanged knowledge and information with each other at the show.  Most of them were either middle-aged or elderly uncles.  It is surely nice to have some sort of interests to keep us occupied and make life a little more interesting as we get older.

The centre-piece for the 20th World Orchids Show which is a design representing 5 major continents in the world.



Supertree Grove that features the largest vertical display of plants ever presented in a garden.  At the moment the plants are not fully grown yet.

The fully air-conditioned Flower Dome which showcases changing floral display and plants from the Mediterranean climate such as olive trees, palms, baobabs etc.

Large variety of cactuses on display.  These cactuses bring back fond memories of my pleasant visit to Kew Garden in London in summer 2000!

Amongst the plants, there were also sculptures, woods carvings etc.  Can you spot those wood carvings in this shot?

A huge and nice one!

Looking down from the viewing platform, another lovely orchid show was being held in conjunction with the 20th World Orchids Show

A nice view of the Marina Bay Sands landmark from Gardens by the Bay.  It was getting dark by the time we make our way out.

 Supertrees were lighted up too!

Oh, I love the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay!  I imagine Gardens by the Bay, when officially opened in June 2012, will further boost the name of Singapore as a Garden City, and become another major attraction of the country. It will also be a lovely place for family outing, especially flowers and gardens lovers.


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