Today, riding on the luck of our friend from Sydney, DS and I went to Southern Ridges for the second time. It has been almost two years since we last explored Southern Ridges (time flies!) and if not for this friend, I wonder when we would ever make it there again.

Henderson Waves

Today’s outing was mainly for photography purpose as our friend is a keen photographer.

Unlike the last time, we started the trail from Mount Faber this time by giving Marang Trail a miss.  I wonder (I am a “wonder” woman!) if the Southern Ridges is gradually losing its “charms” as there were fewer people along the trail, although it was a Saturday morning.

This being a photography outing, needless to say, most of my shots today focused on nature.  I enjoy taking photos of flowers and plants in recent years although my skills are still far from good.  Recently, this thought came to my mind – How nice if I will reach a decent standard someday to be able to decorate our home with my very own photo shots, in addition to the the cross-stitch pieces that I have already put up.  The problem with me is that I enjoy looking at photos but dread the idea of reading up on photography.  I always find it too technical to comprehend.  Furthermore,  photography is an art, I know (unfortunately) I am never an artistic person!

Here are some of the shots I took today.

Five crows on the tree.  The morning was very hazy

Terrace Garden in Telok Blangah Hill Park

Can you spot an eagle just above the trees?

Alexandra Arch. There was not a single soul when we reached there.  What a difference from two years ago!

Following few shots were taken in Hortpark

This pot of flowers is now in my balcony.  I just hope that this plant will last long. Recently two of my pot plants had died of what I would describe as sudden death!  Don’t know why!

I am looking forward to more photography on flowers and plants at the Singapore Garden Festival 2010 in July.  This year’s event is said to be even more spectacular than the last two and I already have my tickets booked! 🙂

Southern Ridges of Singapore – 25 May 2008


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