Kit Chan – My Musical Journey

陈洁仪 - 我的音乐之旅

12 February, 2011 : Esplanade Concert Hall

(Photo : from SISTIC website)

At last, Kit is going to have a concert in Singapore!!!  😀 This is one concert that both DS and I have been waiting for after watching Emi Fujita performed at the Esplanade Concert Hall a few years ago.  We have watched Kit performed in the Forbidden City musical and more recently, in December Rain Chinese musical but solo concert wise, once only at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (I think that was in 2001). Memories of that concert are still fresh in our minds.  What made us even more excited about this upcoming concert is that Kit will be performing with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra led by Maestro Tsung Yeh, and it will be at the Esplanade Concert Hall.  What more can we ask for!

Kit Chan at the autograph session after December Rain performance (13 Aug 2010)

Watching a pop concert with an orchestra is also something that DS and I have been looking forward to.  We have discs of Jackie Cheung’s(张学友) Love & Symphony(爱与交响曲) and Zhang Hui Mei’s(张惠妹) Time To Say Goodbye : A Mei Hong Kong Live(歌声妹影).  Both performed with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.  We always wondered why there aren’t such concert in Singapore.

Thanks to Kit Chan and Singapore Chinese Orchestra!  We are certainly counting down to 12 February 2011!

I only got news of the concert yesterday morning through the email from Esplanade. With much excitement, I rang SISTIC almost immediately to book my tickets.  Many seats had already been snatched up by then and I only managed to get Category Two tickets on the back row of Stall seats.  That was a slight disappointment but it is glad to know that Kit still commands a high level of popularity after all these years!  She is indeed Singapore’s most enduring songbird!



  1. Hi Sir/ Madam,

    I wanted to attend Kit’s concert on 12Feb or 13Feb but unfortunately all tickets are sold out. May I get any alternative way to have 2 tickets for either one of the days?

    I have been looking for the tickets from different sources but i already tried the best.

  2. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    As you would know, tickets for the concert are officially available from SISTIC. The possible alternative could be eBay, in case someone who has bought the tickets can’t make it to the concert.
    In fact, on a quick check just now, there are still single-seat Category 2 tickets available on 12 Feb. Getting two single-seat tickets could be an option. I hope this info helps.

    Happy year of the Rabbit!

  3. In case you have missed out this report on The Straits Times on 28 Jan Kit says her own concert will take place before the end of this year.

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